It’s been said before, but when talking about Regi, some things bear repeating: there can be only one. With his dance formation Milk Inc. he has sold out the Sportpaleis venue no less than 21 times. From Ibiza to Berlin, from Hasselt to Ostend, Regi is a welcome guest both at home and abroad.

Regi was born on March 4, 1967 in Hasselt (worth adding to your birthday calendar ;-) ). At the age of 12, he bought his first computer and hooked it up to a synthesizer, signalling the birth of Regi as a musician. While learning to read music at the music academy, he also taught himself to play the guitar.

When Regi turned 18, he released some Underground and Trance EP’s on the Dance Opera and Illusion Labels. He decided to make a career out of music. But with his parents stressing the importance of a proper degree, Regi completed his Telecommunication-Electronics first. Then came success, with ‘La Vache’ becoming a major hit in France.

In the meantime, he had also started to work on Milk Inc. and various other projects with different artists and producers. In addition, he started spinning music at numerous parties, resulting in a resident DJ spot at Illusion. Once Milk Inc. had hit the big time, however, not much time was left for DJ’ing. Still, when Milk Inc. performed at festivals or clubs abroad, Regi sometimes followed up the concert with a DJ set somewhere. Soon things grew too busy for Regi to remain a resident at Illusion, as well. But whenever he finds the time, you can be sure Regi will pop up somewhere as a guest DJ.

Regi’s style can be described as a mix of trance, vocals, house, groove, 2Step and R&B. Together with some other DJ’s and the owner of Illusion, Regi also founded the record label Art Group Music (AGM). Additionally, Regi founded his own label, Sookie (neverending beats), for which he regularly performs sound engineering and producing duties. Regi also hosts ‘Trance N Dance’, a radio show which he himself produces and presents. Remixing tracks for other artists is another thing he excels at. In the past he has produced remixes for artists like Duran Duran, 2 Unlimited, Boney M,… On top of all that, he also mixes numerous compilations like Trance N Dance and International Tuning sounds.

In 2006, Regi performed live with Milk Inc. in front of a sold-out Sportpaleis for the first time. An amazing show and experience, witnessed by more than 16,000 people. And the rest of thàt story has become the stuff of legend. Yet things weren’t about to cool down just yet. In 2007, Regi released his first solo album, REGIstrated. A unique album, each track of which had been recorded in a different style and with a different artist. The album went gold before it had even been released. And every time the musical jack-of-all-trades releases one of his ‘Regi in the mix’ albums, the response is overwhelming. So, in case it bears repeating: ‘There can be only one…’