In case you hadn’t heard about GIOCATORI, allow us to introduce them briefly: Celvin van het Schip, Dennis Brugman and Jorik Scholten are the three friends who make up this musical group. You might possibly know the latter of the three as the Dutch Justin Bieber: Lil Kleine. While the trio can usually be found producing music and playing football together, the busy schedule of Jorik/Lil Kleine has made performing live difficult of late. For that exact reason, Bruno Prent was added to the Giocatori line-up at the end of 2015, to accompany the act as a host when they have been booked for a DJ gig.

What started out as three footballing friends kicking a ball about, has blossomed into an energetic and innovative DJ act which never disappoints in the live arena. The formation’s club and festival agenda is long and international, with performances at i.a. Tomorrowland, Wish and Solar. On the international stage, Giocatori has amped up its profile with the official (Warriors) remix for Nicky Romero, but currently the act is amassing major support on the home front: the Giocatori ‘New Wave’ remixes of Drank & Drugs, No Go Zone and Zeg Dat Niet are characteristic of Giocatori’s cross-over sound. Dubbing their own sound FUTURE TRAP, the gents successfully combine Future House and Bass with Trap influences. Creating your own sound tends to result in recordings and a single was released soon after: ‘Alleen’. The single topped the Spotify Viral Charts for over a week, racking up one million streams in a month. In turn, the video for Alleen, which revolves around an impossible love and football, garnered 1 million plays in a month.

As a thank you to their fans, the lads released their own Future Trap Mixtape (chock full of exclusive tracks and remixes), with their second Giocatori collection planned for late February.

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